Anyone who has spent a lot of time in China can see that the Chinese take their comfort very seriously – especially when they visit Western restaurants, Cafe’s or Cinemas. Customers will sit for hours in Starbucks, local Coffee Houses (Kafei Dian), KFC and McDonald’s , sipping on their drinks and surfing the net enjoying the sofas and booths, clean bathrooms and air conditioning.

I must say that the Ta Chien Cinema really caught my attention on a recent visit to Taipei. Cozy sofa for two with foot rest while watching Angels & Demons for NT$400 per person! Isn’t this going a bit too far?

Finally, how does a new entry in the Coffee Shop segment compete with Starbucks in Singapore? Well the coffee connoisseur seems to be doing pretty well offering their customers a classier atmosphere with some hot food and you guessed it – comfy sofas! Even the foreign tourists seem to like it.

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