The New York based brand consulting firm, Siegel & Gale, recently published their 2013 Global Brand Simplicity Index.  Research by this company has found that consumers are likely to visit a brand more often if they perceive it to be simple.  That could mean for example  simple clean branding or simple customer interface when ordering.  Fast food chains generally received high scores for simplicity and that not should be surprising since the ordering process is set up to maximize speed.  If you look at some of the most beloved QSR restaurant chains in America such as In-N-Out Burger and Chick Fil-A, you can see how simple they are.  However, Cheesecake Factory is a big success and nothing is more complicated than their menu.

I am not sure whether the concept of simplicity will work in a Chinese restaurant in China.  Menus are huge and heavy but they do have lots of pictures and the service is usually very fast.  Maybe this is the right balance Chinese diners need.  Too much text and you turn them off!

There is no question that keeping operations simple leads to easier ordering and better service so perhaps Siegel & Gale have a good point to make.  After all the motto “Keep it simple stupid” has been around a long time!