As a former executive with PepsiCo Restaurants International (now YUM), I was always impressed with the high calibre of management in the company.  There were more Harvard MBA’s and ex-Mckinsey consultants than you can imagine.  Nevertheless, even with this impressive management talent, no executive was ever able to turn around the KFC business in the USA.  Everything has been tried, from skinless fried chicken, to non-fried rotisserie chicken, to wraps, to smart celebrity marketing.  The only thing that has not been tried is clean restaurants in a modern inviting atmosphere with well trained attractive crew members, which is how KFC presents itself overseas. KFC USA is a franchise system and the trust level between the franchise community and headquarters has always been low.  Franchisees probably felt that the investment required to modernize their stores was not justified financially.  Now these franchisees are witnessing a slow death march as Chick-fil-A, that folksy Atlanta based private company grows to a nationwide presence.  Do you want to know how significant the difference is between these two brands?  Chick-fil-A has three times the sales per unit of KFC and only operates 6 days a week.  The family that owns the brand are very religious and feel that all employees should rest and be with their families on Sunday.  Walk into any Chick-fil-A and you will see sparkling interiors, friendly and quick service and Managers that are owners willing to assist in any way.  Seems like a very simple formula for success but one that KFC and their franchisees have never learned. Chick-fil-A

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