Very good post by Nathan Gamester on the HBR blog network regarding the four major changes in global prosperity.

How do you measure the success of nations?  There is more to success than just economic growth.  How about improvements to human freedom, clean air and water, sound democracy, and entrepreneurial opportunity among many others?

Governments around the world are increasingly learning that focusing on GDP growth does not necessarily lead to the betterment of one’s society.

The Legatum Institute has issued  an annual Prosperity Index for the past 5 years which combines economic hard data with survey research.  When looking at the 2013 results, there are 4 main take-always.

Global Prosperity is rising driven by advancements in healthcare and technology.

Latin America is rising.  In fact every single country is doing better.

Europe’s loss is Asia’s gain.   Nothing surprising here.

Bangladesh overtakes India.  Bangladeshis live longer, healthier and safer lives then their Indian comrades.

Who are the very top performers?  Not surprisingly Norway and Switzerland followed by Singapore and Canada. Japan came in next.  Where is the USA? Down at #24.

Read the blog post to see each country’s ranking.



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