Walk down a major pedestrian street in China and look around at all the food service retail outlets. You come to a realization fairly quickly that most of them have cute characters as mascots at the shopfronts.  Chinese think cartoon mascots are cute and like to bring their kids into these types of establishments.  Cute mascots are especially appealing to young middle or high school girls who are frequent customers for lower priced fast food or snack shops.


Ajisen Ramen


Ajisen Ramen is a leading noodle chain in China with over 600 stores.  They ran into some food scandals recently but the logo is definitely engaging!




COCO door frontCoco Tea is a big Taiwan drinks chain with over 1000 stores on the Mainland.  Main customers are young students and OL’s.












Happy Lemon store frontHappy Lemon is another competitor from Taiwan with several hundred stores on the Mainland.  Same customer base.











Xiabu Xiabu door frontXiabu Xiabu is a 300+ unit hot pot chain based in Beijing.  Very inexpensive single serve hot-pot and very popular. One of the more successful Chinese QSR players.








Yippin store frontFinally, there is Yippin, a beef bowl concepts also growing and competing with the Japanese concept, Yoshinoya.  Over 40 stores in Beijing alone.  Cute child as a mascot and design element.








You can say that these mascots are not as cute as Hello Kitty or Mickey Mouse but the Chinese seem to like them and they give the customer a warm feeling about the brands.

Do you have a cute mascot representing your retail food service brand?




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