I just came across an article in the June 27 issue of HK Magazine entitled “How to do Absolutely (Almost) Everything in Hong Kong,” and the piece contained a brief interview with Paul Hsu, Executive Director of the restaurant group, Elite Concepts. Paul gave some very honest answers to the question “How to…Set up a successful restaurant group” in Hong Kong.

1. Don’t Bother! (You will only be working for the landlord). – How true!

2. Do it to be commercially viable! Don’t do it just for passion. – I could not agree more!

3. Find the right location at the right rental (rental should be maximum 15 percent of your top line). – good luck with that one!

4. Have a clear concept in mind. – always a good idea!

5. People. People. People (do you have a baan di (talented team)?) – Hard to do when few people really want to work in the restaurant industry in Hong Kong today! You can earn the same money being a security guard as a kitchen worker with the added bonus of sleeping on the job!

I rest my case!



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