I love to walk the streets in every Asian city I visit and go into shopping centers to find new interesting retail concepts.  One thing I notice when I am  in  Mainland China is how the people love to sleep at all hours of the day and are comfortable doing it inside restaurants and other establishments. Of course places like Starbucks are the favorite targets of sleepers with the comfortable couches but these pictures show that the Chinese can sleep just about anywhere.  So on a lighter note this week here are some sleeping beauties that caught my attention.

IMG_0994    This lady looks so comfortable I did not have the heart to disturb here. She just finished a dessert and is enjoying the couch.







Exif_JPEG_PICTUREThese McDonald’s customers are really enjoying their nap after a delicious meal.     Nobody at the chain tried to wake them.










IMG_0407Finally, I took this picture of a customer of The Pizza Company in Beijing while having a late lunch.  I guess she was having a nice siesta before the next shift.







I just admire the Chinese people for their ability to sleep anywhere at all times of the day.  Do Hong Kong or Singapore Chinese people also have this talent or is this just a Mainland China trait?




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