We are a group of experienced professionals in the hospitality industry resident in Hong Kong, Sydney, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Shanghai, Beijing, Mumbai, Tokyo, Seoul, and Los Angeles. Our partners are country nationals from the USA, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia and India who have worked in all phases of QSR, casual dining and fine dining. We have strong familiarity with the Asia Pacific and USA markets and have represented or worked with many leading food service companies based in Korea, Japan, USA and UK, as well as Asia based Private Equity firms and International Consulting companies.
Joel Silverstein is a long term resident of the Asia Pacific region, and has helped top executives and Fortune 500 companies achieve sustained growth in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and numerous other Asian countries. As a former executive in the hospitality industry himself, Silverstein is a frequent contributor to major media outlets on the topics of franchising in China and Southeast Asia, business practices in Asia, and succeeding in turbulent emerging markets. He lives in Hong Kong and travels frequently within the region and to the USA, Europe & Africa.
  • Former CEO of Outback Steakhouse, Asia Pacific, and franchisee of Outback Steakhouse in Japan
  • Former Board Member of Boost Juice Pty. LTD, Australia’s largest indigenous food service franchise chain
  • Former Board Member of KFC Japan, a $700M publicly-traded Japanese company
  • Former Senior Executive with PepsiCo Restaurants (now Yum!), with responsibility for KFC Japan and 600 Pizza Hut units in the United States generating annual revenue of $500 Million
  • Built and managed US$200M-$500 Million Asia-Pacific companies
  • Senior executive with Black & Decker, B.A.T. Industries plc., PepsiCo Restaurants (KFC, Pizza Hut), DIRECTV International and Outback Steakhouse International (1977-2004)
  • Frequent Contributor, Bloomberg TV Asia
  • Monthly Contributor, Hotel & Restaurant (largest hospitality industry magazine in Korea)
  • 35 years business experience in Asia Pacific, 22 years in residence
  • 20 years business experience in quick-service (QSR), casual dining, and franchising