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Case Studies

Case Study Korean Based Chain Seeks a Joint Venture Partner in Eastern China

Partner Selection

A large Korean full-service restaurant group with multiple concepts was active in China for over 10 years with minimum success. They decided to change strategic direction and seek out a joint venture partner to develop the East Coast of China. Read more »

Case Study Leading Full Service Restaurant Group in Vietnam

Operational Improvement

A Vietnam based Private Equity Fund was looking to exit its investment in a fast growing restaurant chain in the next 2 years and was looking for assistance to improve operational performance and margins prior to the exit. Read more »

Who We Are

We are a group of experienced professionals in the hospitality industry resident in Hong Kong, Sydney, Vietnam, Shanghai, Beijing, Mumbai, Tokyo, Seoul, and Los Angeles. Learn more about us »

What We Offer

We will introduce all key purveyors to support the building and operations of a company owned store in priority markets. View our full list of services »

Our Clients & Partners

We work closely with a wide variety of leading restaurant chains from the USA, UK, Japan and Korea, as well as top tier Private Equity firms and global consulting organizations. Find out more »

Video Series

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